Monday, July 28

wine tasting

we had such a lovely weekend and it flew by so quickly.
the wine tasting party went really well although i definitely can not drink as much as i used to in the old days. we tried five white wines and five red wines. we tried to go light on the food but you can't drink a lot on an empty stomach so we served appetizers and a light dinner. by the time the red wine rolled around, it was hard to tell the difference! the white favorite was pazo serantellos albariƱo (purchased at whole foods) and the red favorite was rodney strong cabernet.
on sunday we headed over the hill to santa cruz to visit the santa cruz beach boardwalk. this place is fascinating especially if you enjoy people watching! the kids had so much fun and we enjoyed the rides as well as an acrobatics show on the beach. you can see by the two pictures below that it went from foggy and freezing to hot and sunny within five minutes. the place was a bit crowded for my taste but i can't complain because both of my kids had smiles on their faces the whole time. the santa cruz beach boardwalk can appear run-down, cheesy and dirty yet when you see it through the eyes of a child it is truly magical.

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