Friday, October 31

happy halloween

happy halloween! we had a little pumpkin carving going on at our house last night. i have so many roasted pumpkin seeds...i guess that is better than eating candy, right?
have a safe and fun halloween!

Thursday, October 30

sneak peek

i had a wonderful time catching up with the s. family and it was so lovely to see them again. i was amazed by how much this little one has grown up...i guess kindergarten will do that to you!

Monday, October 27


halloween is only a few days away and i am so excited! the costumes have yet to be finalized but ryan is going to be a ladybug and sam is either going to be super-sam, spider-man, frankenstein, a fireman or a robot. decisions! decisions! last year we made an adorable oscar-the-grouch costume only to discover that he did not want to wear it on halloween night and decided to break out the old dog costume from the previous year. kids!
this past weekend was so much fun - we attended a super surprise party. it was super because the guest of honor had absolutely no clue! s. planned the party two months in advance of his birthday so he would have no reason to be suspicious. the date happened to coincide with their wedding anniversary so it didn't seem odd to go out for a nice dinner. the look on his face when he saw his family and friends in one spot = priceless! congratulations to s. on a fantastic party and a happy (early) 40th birthday to c.!
[holiday photo season is in full swing. if you are interested in booking a session, please contact me as soon as possible. my calendar is almost full!]
image by matthew mead style.

Friday, October 24


i had the absolute pleasure of photographing this little one a week ago. this little girl is cute as a button. her mom, dad and grandparents joined in the fun as well. i had a hard time picking a few....enjoy!
have a beautiful weekend!

Tuesday, October 21

family photos

it is always a treat when families come back year after year for photos. this was the third year that i have photographed this family and it has been fun to watch the kids grow. sophia and vincent have grown up so much since our last photo session - the first photo was from vincent's first photo session with me and look at him now!

Sunday, October 19


the halloween decorations are up!
halloween is so much fun! let me explain - i enjoy decorating our house, wearing a costume is always fun and a bucket full of candy is a good thing, right? i am not a fan of any scary or creepy stuff - we just have half a dozen huge spiders all over our house but the blood and gore is not my thing.
i have yet to buy any halloween candy because i know it would never last until halloween! maybe i should buy the stuff that i don't like?
have a fantastic week!
[thank you so much to sara from party perfect for posting a few of my photos. if you have not read her blog, you must go right now! she posts the most wonderful ideas and inspiration about parties and entertaining. she is a former art director for martha stewart baby and kids magazine, a graphic designer, illustrator, designer and mom. this girl has style! check out her blog and you will be inspired to throw a party in no time! definitely one of my all time favorite blogs.]

Thursday, October 16


this was my first time photographing the g. family and it was such a treat. i must say that i was so impressed because mom had hurt her foot a few days before our session and had to use crutches. she did not make a peep when i dragged the whole family all over the gardens. plus, these boys are wonderful! the big lollipops were a huge hit!

Tuesday, October 14


i have more super cute kids to share - i would like to introduce harmon and maija.
this was my first time photographing the h. family and this little guy was a bundle of energy. harmon was about to have a birthday party and who wouldn't be excited about that? his little sister, maija, is so cute. she is just starting to walk and will probably start chasing her brother around in no time!

Monday, October 13

sneak peek

here are a few of my favorites from a photo shoot with the v. family.
aren't these kids beautiful?

Friday, October 10

elbows & chins

i had the pleasure of visiting the pediatric urgent care office two times this week. ryan dislocated her elbow tuesday and sam had his chin glued back together this evening after slipping on the front porch. hooray for health insurance!
so, i am a bit behind on posting pictures from recent photo sessions..hopefully i can catch up this weekend.
have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, October 7

sneak peek

i can't tell you how much i enjoy meeting up with old clients and it was great to catch up with the m. family. it was so great to see how much the kids have grown - so much can happen in a year!
we had a few sprinkles of rain here and there but it was a really beautiful morning for pictures. there is something so calm and quiet about the beginning of fall.

Friday, October 3

18 months

today is ryan's birthday. my baby is now a year and a half. it seems like just yesterday when she was a tiny little thing.
how did this happen so quickly?
ryan is an absolute sweetie pie. she is full of energy. spunky. sweet. independent.
ryan, at 18 months:
...calls everyone 'dada'. fearless. i know that this is a great trait yet it isn't so fabulous when she climbs up to the top of the jungle gym.
...loves spending time with her brother.
...talks a whole bunch - even though she is speaking her own language she acts as though you should understand every word.
...smiles all the time.
i love you, ryan. more than you will ever know.

[cupcake display by amy atlas]

Thursday, October 2

super sam

sam is super.
yes, i am a bit biased but i think my kids are terrific.