Tuesday, September 29

'tis the season

yes, holiday portrait season is here. the leaves are just starting to fall from the trees yet my calendar is already filling up with family portrait sessions.
if you are interested, please contact me.
looking for a unique gift for a friend?  gift certificates are available.

sijing & pedro - sneak peek

Wednesday, September 9

film vs. digital

are you still using film or have you switched to digital?
last week i attended my first wipa event and after an amazing talk by sean low, we met up in groups by profession. i had the honor of meeting some fantastic local photographers and we spoke about the film vs. digital debate.  everyone has his/her own opinion on which medium is superior yet i feel that there are advantages to both.  so, i shoot with both.  unfortunately, my shoulders get hit the hardest because at each wedding i am carrying around a ton of gear.
i have to say that the immediate feedback of a digital camera is convenient yet there is something so satisfying about getting a roll of film back after it has been processed.  the debate continues!
photos of sam and ryan - shot with fuji pro 400h.

Monday, September 7


unfortunately my e-mail has been down since friday.  if you have sent an e-mail over the past few days, it has not come through and is floating around in cyberspace.
need to get in touch with me? please give me a call - 650.430.4310.
hopefully we will get things figured out a.s.a.p.

Friday, September 4

Wednesday, September 2

greta & jeff

one of the best ways to improve as a photographer is to practice.  practice. practice. practice. this is why i absolutely love working as a second photographer.  every photographer has his/her own working style and it is fun to work with different people.  so when my friend and fellow photographer, lili durkin, asked if i was available to help her out, i immediately said 'yes'.
greta and jeff got married at nestldown which is a stunning venue in the santa cruz mountains.