Thursday, November 27


i am thankful for.... - my two children; they bring pure joy to my life. their smiles and laughter make my heart sing. - my husband; for his constant support and patience - my family; their unconditional love and support gives me strength - my brother who is the strongest person that i know - my friends who support me and look after me - my home; i am so grateful for a space to come home to every day have a wonderful thanksgiving holiday weekend! "May gratitude continue to take over your heart -- crowding out worry, fear, jealousy, envy, hate and the litany of other useless emotions." [pumpkin pie image from]

Wednesday, November 26

sneak peek

this truck was a perfect addition for our photo session....we drove out to an orchard in portola valley and the truck (a.k.a. lucy) fit right in!
have a fabulous thanksgiving holiday!

Tuesday, November 25

sneak peek

i had a lovely photo session with the w. family. we met at ardenwood which was perfect since the extended family lives on both sides of the bay. if you live in the bay area and have never been to ardenwood, it is a beautiful park!
they are four boys and another little boy on the way! all of the cousins were running around and having fun together. everyone in this family is so sweet!
here are a few of my favorites...enjoy!

Monday, November 24

sneak peek

the last time i saw emily and matt was on their wedding day a few years ago. i was so pleased when they contacted me about meeting up for a family photo session. their twins, declan and elena, are so cute!
we met in at the ferry building in san francisco and it was one of those beautiful days in the city.

Wednesday, November 19

sneak peek

i really wasn't kidding when i said it was super busy around here! every weekend has been full of fun family portrait sessions. i can't complain - i get to meet people in beautiful parks all over the bay area and take pictures of cute kids!
meet the f. family - mom, dad and tristan met me at gamble gardens and we walked all around the grounds and admired the beautiful flowers and plants. tristan enjoyed checking out all of the various fountains on the property.
tristan is a very sweet little girl and we ended the session with a talk about fairies. so fun!

Tuesday, November 18

sneak peek

i had such a good time running around the park with olivia and matt. these two are super sweet!
we found a big pile of leaves and both kids had a blast throwing leaves as well as sliding down a hill into a big pile of leaves. ah, to be a kid again!

Monday, November 17


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sneak peek

this was my first time meeting up with the w. family and i am so pleased that i got to spend some time with them. russell and griffin are such sweet boys! here are a few of my favorites from our photo session. enjoy!

Friday, November 14

lorenw[photo] holiday cards

don't know what to do for this year's holiday card?
i have a solution for you. actually, i have twelve solutions. there are twelve beautiful card designs - all fun, fresh and perfect with a family photo.
cards are printed on premium paper and come with matching envelopes.
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lindsey & allan

here are a few more images from lindsey and allan's wedding.
the rain was coming down in buckets all day long but it did not spoil the mood for the day. in fact, rumor has it that rain brings good luck to the wedding couple.

Thursday, November 13

hot mama

eva is expecting baby #2 in a few weeks and she looks absolutely amazing!
they don't know if they are going to have another boy or a girl. how exciting!
oliver is such a cutie pie! his favorite activity is running!

Wednesday, November 12


we headed out of town for a mini-vacation on sunday. the change of scenery was wonderful and it was nice to spend some time away from the computer. we spent one night in calistoga and the vineyards are absolutely stunning right now. i couldn't resist taking a few pictures even though i was supposed to be on vacation. how can you ignore these colors?
one of the highlights of going to calistoga is going in the hot pool at night. going out for a yummy dinner and then soaking in the pool is such a treat. here is a picture of sam after getting out of the pool.
this is my dream driveway which is right outside of st. helena. i have no idea what is at the end of the road but the driveway is enough for me!

Tuesday, November 11

sneak peek

maureen purchased a photo session at a silent auction for a very worthy cause. we picked a date when the whole family was going to be together to celebrate a birthday. so, i got to photograph brody (in the brown shirt) and his cousins. such a beautiful bunch of kids! everyone in this family is so nice!