Tuesday, May 26


we had such a lovely holiday weekend on maui. we went to a few amazing restaurants, visited some fun tourist spots, hung out on the beach...a whole lot of rest and relaxation! to top it all off, evan and kritin's wedding was beyond beautiful!
more photos coming soon...

Wednesday, May 20


off to maui for evan and kristin's wedding. i am so excited about this wedding as well as a few extra days of relaxation with my husband.
have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Saturday, May 16


this weekend is going to be beautiful around northern california. i am so excited for the warm weather...summer is right around the corner. hooray! summer is my absolute favorite season.
we have been thinking about putting a small playhouse in the backyard for the kids. i have such fond memories of playing in the playhouse that my grandfather built. unfortunately, the old playhouse has been torn down. while searching online for tips for building a playhouse, i have found some amazing examples of playhouse extravagance. how about $38,000? craziness! we are definitely working with a much smaller budget!
have a wonderful weekend.
this weekend marks the beginning of wedding season with lisa and michael's wedding in sf. stay tuned for photos!

Tuesday, May 12


sleeping in, breakfast in bed, handmade cards from the kids + a beautiful necklace made out of beads (from sam), a picnic lunch at the park around the corner, some time on my own to read. a beautiful mother's day.
i love my family. (photo from rosenow floral.)

Wednesday, May 6


i really, really, really want to go to one of the outstanding in the field dinners. i love the idea of enjoying fresh food while sitting at a long table out in the middle of a field. the community table sounds like so much fun! unfortunately, all of the upcoming spring and summer dates are sold out.

Saturday, May 2


i apologize for the lack of posts lately. so much to do, so little time. this photo by susie bell is a perfect image for the weekend. it is raining and chilly outside and i would love to curl up with my latest book. thank you to my sister for the recommendation. this book is amazing! rumor has it that warner brothers is working on a screen adaptation of the book with johnny depp playing the main character. sounds good to me!
have a lovely weekend!