Friday, January 30

if i had to do it again...

i wouldn't change much from my wedding if i could do it again. i would definitely keep my husband (just in case he is checking my blog!). my bridesmaids, my dress, the flowers, the venue, the ceremony, the food...everything was wonderful! when i think back on my wedding day, i get a big smile on my face. all of our closest friends and family were together, the weather was beautiful, the venue created the exact atmosphere that we wanted and everyone seemed to enjoy the afternoon.
with that being said, i must say that i absolutely love checking out the wedding boards over at snippet and ink. kathryn does such a lovely job of putting together boards to reflect a particular style of wedding day. if you are looking for inspiration for your own wedding day...snippet and ink is an absolute must read. here are a few of my favorites:

Monday, January 26


sam was so excited about his birthday party on saturday. this is a picture of him anxiously awaiting the arrival of his friends.

we decided to do a simple party at home with just a few of sam's friends and it worked out so well. the kids decorated party hats, put on a birthday parade in the backyard with costumes and musical instruments, and enjoyed cupcakes. the party ended with a few games of red light - green light and tag.

Friday, January 23


*sigh* it is friday and i am a happy camper.
have a lovely weekend!
the cutie pie below is from a recent photo shoot. don't you want to squeeze those cheeks?

Thursday, January 22


i feel yucky today.
all i want to do is climb into bed and sleep it off.
i am going to bed....after grey's anatomy.
will write more tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 20

5 years

we celebrated sam's fifth birthday this weekend.
i am still in shock that my baby is five years old! everyone tells you that it goes by so quickly and they weren't kidding!

just a few thoughts about sam:
- he has the sweetest smile
- he loves all things sparkly
- black is his favorite color
- he loves chocolate (just like his mommy)
- he will still hold my hand
- he loves to take a treasure with him wherever he goes
- he is gentle and sweet to his sister (most of the time)
- he loves airplanes, trains, cars and trucks

i just can't imagine life without him.

here are a few photos of sam to show how much he has changed since january 2004.

Friday, January 16


what a crazy week! somehow each day seemed to filled with craziness. once in a while i have to stop and take a few deep breaths to try to focus on being in the moment. one of my new years resolutions is to focus on being in the moment. to focus on 'right now'...not the list of things to do tonight, tomorrow, whenever.
someone once asked me if i live in the present, the past or the future? good question! how much time do we spend reflecting on the past versus planning for the future?
that is the most wonderful thing about having kids...they live in the moment. children are so focused on what is going on right in front of them. so far i am doing pretty well on the new year resolutions. preparing for the 1/2 marathon is giving me a good reason to exercise! i have written most of my thank you notes for birthday presents and team in training donations. our house is somewhat clean. not bad!
that is probably enough about me for one blog post!
have a super weekend! enjoy the moment.
here are a few pictures to enjoy as well.
more photos of the latest addition to the t. family. now they have three beautiful children!

Wednesday, January 14

giving is awesome

thank you so much to everyone who sent in an entry for the giving is awesome photo session contest. each story was heart wrenching and i had to pull a number out of a hat in order to pick the winner...if possible, i would have given something to everyone but there were just too many entries.
the winner has been notified. both parties are going to remain anonymous to respect their privacy.
thank you so much to everyone who nominated a friend, co-worker, family member, acquaintance....your stories really touched me.

Tuesday, January 13

happy blog birthday

happy birthday to lorenw[blog].
one year ago, i started this blog and it has been amazing.
thank you to all of my readers and i appreciate every single comment.
according to google analytics, i have had over 5,000 visitors from 72 countries including kazakhstan, uruguay and mongolia! amazing!

Monday, January 12

so much to do, so little time

my 'to do' list has been getting a bit crazy lately. i can't complain...all of the items are good things.
let me share a few of the items on top of my list...
- organize everything for sam's birthday. we are having a few small celebrations for sam's birthday instead of one big party with every friend and family member. on his actual birthday we are taking the family to see the harlem globetrotters. i am excited and hope sam enjoys the experience.
then, sam got to pick six friends to invite for a party at our house the following weekend.
- continue training for the sf marathon. i just completed the longest distance on saturday...11 miles! i am also thrilled to say that my feet are feeling fantastic. thank you stephanie, who was able to help fix my feet. i am also thrilled about the fundraising side of things...i have the most amazing and wonderful friends who have donated to help find a cure for blood related cancers. team in training has been a great experience. go team!
- get everything ready for the san francisco wedding fair at the four seasons. if you are a local bride and are free on sunday, january 18th, please come by and say 'hello'!

there you go...just a peak at my calendar.
here is a photo from a photo session back in december. this is the latest addition to the t. family. such a miracle!

Monday, January 5


happy new year! i have to apologize for being so late announcing the winner of the giveaway. we have been out of town and i am just getting back into the swing of things. sorry!