Monday, January 12

so much to do, so little time

my 'to do' list has been getting a bit crazy lately. i can't complain...all of the items are good things.
let me share a few of the items on top of my list...
- organize everything for sam's birthday. we are having a few small celebrations for sam's birthday instead of one big party with every friend and family member. on his actual birthday we are taking the family to see the harlem globetrotters. i am excited and hope sam enjoys the experience.
then, sam got to pick six friends to invite for a party at our house the following weekend.
- continue training for the sf marathon. i just completed the longest distance on saturday...11 miles! i am also thrilled to say that my feet are feeling fantastic. thank you stephanie, who was able to help fix my feet. i am also thrilled about the fundraising side of things...i have the most amazing and wonderful friends who have donated to help find a cure for blood related cancers. team in training has been a great experience. go team!
- get everything ready for the san francisco wedding fair at the four seasons. if you are a local bride and are free on sunday, january 18th, please come by and say 'hello'!

there you go...just a peak at my calendar.
here is a photo from a photo session back in december. this is the latest addition to the t. family. such a miracle!

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