Tuesday, January 20

5 years

we celebrated sam's fifth birthday this weekend.
i am still in shock that my baby is five years old! everyone tells you that it goes by so quickly and they weren't kidding!

just a few thoughts about sam:
- he has the sweetest smile
- he loves all things sparkly
- black is his favorite color
- he loves chocolate (just like his mommy)
- he will still hold my hand
- he loves to take a treasure with him wherever he goes
- he is gentle and sweet to his sister (most of the time)
- he loves airplanes, trains, cars and trucks

i just can't imagine life without him.

here are a few photos of sam to show how much he has changed since january 2004.

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MommaWriter said...

What a handsome little guy he's becoming (not that he wasn't always handsome, of course)! I love that G. will still hold my hand...even now that he's in first grade. He'll do it all by himself...and I'm enjoying it as much as I possibly can because I know how short-lived it's going to be!

Happy belated birthday, Sam!