Monday, March 31


ryan, a.k.a. pumpkin, will turn 1 on thursday. i can't believe it has been a year already! where does the time go?

e-mail fixed

my e-mail is back in the game. for some reason, my e-mail box was full and that was why e-mail messages were bouncing back. if you sent a message over the weekend, you will need to re-send. ah, the joys of technology! happy monday!

Sunday, March 30


i am now a big fan of the barefoot contessa! you must try the peanut butter swirl brownie mix. this is my favorite combination - chocolate and peanut butter. my friend stephanie gave me a box and they are absolutely delicious! the recipe was really easy (if i can do it, so can you!) and the brownies are really dense, moist....yum. thank you stephanie! p.s. my diet starts tomorrow. we watched this movie the other night and although i am not a big fan of musicals, i really liked this one. the soundtrack is fantastic and the story is sweet. i am adding the soundtrack to my list of music to buy on itunes.

e-mail issues

i am having some issues....with my e-mail. if you have sent an e-mail over the past few days, it probably bounced back to you and i did not get it. sorry for the inconvenience. hopefully everything will be fixed by tomorrow. if you need to get in touch with me, you can give me a call (650) 430.4310. happy weekend!

Friday, March 28


hooray for friday! i hope everyone is looking forward to a beautiful weekend. the weather is supposed to be nice so i am looking forward to getting out and planting some new stuff in our garden. we are going to attempt to grow corn this year...we don't have a ton of space so we will see if it works out. we were quite successful with the zucchini crop last year. maybe a little too successful? just wanted to spread the word about an event happening tomorrow hosted by the world wildlife fund: "On March 29, 2008 at 8 p.m., join millions of people around the world in making a statement about climate change by turning off your lights for Earth Hour, an event created by the World Wildlife Fund". you can sign up and check out the details at their website.

Tuesday, March 25

evan & kristin

evan and kristin are such a great couple and they were kind enough to hike all over san francisco for some pictures. evan and i became friends while working at the lair of the golden bear while we were in college. we woke up at 7 a.m. every morning, set tables for 300 campers then served 3 meals per day as well as doing the dishes, our sleeping accommodations consisted of a simple wood frame without a roof and sleeping bags up a set of stairs on a loft yet we had the most spectacular time. we even went back for a second round and worked another summer. you just can't beat having 100 college kids living up in the woods for a summer! i am so glad we have stayed friends over the years past college, moving, kids (for me), etc.. then evan got lucky and met kristin. she is very sweet and is a very talented artist. you can see her work at thank you for letting me take your pictures and congratulations on your engagement!

Saturday, March 22

little family

what do you think of my little family? i just got them in the mail from gemmie the other day. look at the adorable details like ryan's glasses and sam's superman shirt! if you haven't been to etsy, you need to go!

Thursday, March 20

parrots of telegraph hill

i was up in san francisco on sunday afternoon and it was one of those gorgeous days when a move to the city seems so appealing. san francisco is such a stunning city - the history, character and gorgeous views make it so special. i was photographing a very cute couple (stay tuned for pictures) around north beach and we found a set of stairs leading to a view of the bay. there was evidence of bird activity (bird feeders and such) but we didn't see any around. after a few photos, one parrot flew in to feed. then a few more, a few more..all of the sudden there were about two dozen parrots. it was quite a site! i haven't seen the movie, the wild parrots of telegraph hill, but now i want to add it to my netflix list!

Thursday, March 13


i finally got to meet charlie this past weekend and he is so sweet! can you believe this guy was a preemie? 9 weeks early! welcome to the world charlie! good luck with your move to denver.

Tuesday, March 11

creative thursday @ etsy

have you been to etsy yet? i am in love with this site. you can find the most unique items and i love the idea of supporting small business. creative thursday has the most adorable prints from a woman in los angeles. the one above is called 'sam'. how can i resist?

Monday, March 10


i was so excited when diane gave me a call because it has been a while since i photographed her daughter. plus, this time diane is expecting baby #2! doesn't she look amazing? i never looked that good when i was pregnant because i am one of those lucky women that turns into a balloon while pregnant! enough about me and back to the photos. nati in the pink chair - so cute! happy monday everyone!

Wednesday, March 5

signs of spring

the past few days have been so beautiful....i am really looking forward to spring as well as the time change. i am such a summer girl. long days, summer camp, lemonade...these are some of my favorite things! what could be better than bare feet in the grass on a warm afternoon? ryan and i went on a walk around the neighborhood and i took my camera along. my little guy is always bringing me flowers and rocks as gifts. it so sweet! he will bring home pieces of chalk, rubber bands, rocks, beads, and other little treasures as gifts. what can i say? i think he is the cutest little boy in the world but i could be a tiny bit biased!

Tuesday, March 4


loretta contacted me a year ago but we were never able to set a date for a photo session because i ended up on bed rest while pregnant with ryan. a photo session was out of the question since i was stuck on the couch. a year later we got the family together and what a fantastic group! this family has so much positive energy! congratulations to loretta and don on 50 years of marriage! loretta's grandsons were hilarious.