Friday, July 24

lair of the bear

i have such fond memories of going to the lair of the bear as a kid and i was so excited to share this experience with my kids. we spent the week in a tiny one room cabin with one outlet and one lightbulb. the dining hall is loud but the food is good. the kids were dusty all week long and a dip in the pool was equal to a shower. the week was full of good old fashioned fun with tie-dye, lanyards, disco bingo, face painting, swimming, boats on the lake, campfires, sing-alongs and s'mores. i even played in a tennis tournament even though the closest i have been to playing tennis in the past fifteen years is watching wimbeldon on tv! (lindsey, thanks for inviting me to play!)

Thursday, July 23


my sister and i went to the 2nd annual renegade craft fair this weekend in san francisco and we felt like kids in a candy store! there were so many amazing artists and so much talent! plus, it was one of those beautiful days in the city where everyone was out and about.
i have been enjoying my sister's company since she has been home from medical school. she is leaving today and i am so sad. i guess this means i must plan a trip to new orleans to visit her.

Wednesday, July 22


we just returned from a week up in the mountains. a week without tv, internet and cell phones but a whole bunch of sunshine, stars, music and fun. we spent the week at the lair of the golden bear - a family camp run by uc berkeley alumni association. just getting through the huge pile of laundry so i will post pictures soon!

Thursday, July 9


sijing, pedro and i met at their wedding venue, sand rock farm, a few weeks ago to chat about their upcoming wedding and to take a few photos. they are such a lovely couple. so sweet and kind to each other. i am so excited to be a part of their wedding day. more photos coming soon...

Tuesday, July 7


i have a new favorite blog to visit. sunday suppers.
this blog makes me want to run to the farmers market and cook up a storm for my friends.
the photography is beautiful and i definitely want to try out some of the recipes! yum!

Saturday, July 4


i have to apologize for the lack of posts lately. we have been so busy around here. so much to do, so little time! here is a bit of an update on what has been going on in my world.
-the kid's play house is almost done and i am absolutely thrilled at how it is all working out. we decided to go pretty simple and i think it will be great for the kids to use their imaginations and creativity. i will post some pictures when it is all finished.
-last week, we spent a few days at a wonderful beach house in aptos and it was so nice to get away for a few days. we went to the beach every day and squeezed in a few hours at the santa cruz beach boardwalk when the fog rolled in. if you are interested in renting a wonderful house in aptos, let me know!
-my husband and i celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. 8 years! i can't believe it! i still look back on our wedding day and smile. the day was magical - all of our family and friends came together to celebrate and it was so special. thank you to my husband for putting up with me! we have been through a lot of craziness in eight years - five different homes, two beautiful children, a new job and many other ups and downs that go with the territory. thank you jerry!
- my little sister is celebrating her 25th birthday today. happy birthday to my super smart, talented, creative and beautiful sister, dana!
-team in training is going well and we are up to 8 miles now. i know october will sneak up on me so quickly but i am still aiming for a full marathon. every time i feel like it is too much, i just think of what my brother has been through with cancer treatment and i know that my problems are trivial.
i wish you a happy fourth of july weekend. we are hosting the annual block party at our house and i am looking forward to some yummy bbq, lemonade, fresh fruit and spending time with friends. what else could a girl want?

Friday, July 3

sneak peek

i had the pleasure of photographing this absolutely adorable family a few weeks ago and i am just getting their sneak peek up. this summer is flying by and i can't believe july is already here!
what a sweet family!