Friday, July 24

lair of the bear

i have such fond memories of going to the lair of the bear as a kid and i was so excited to share this experience with my kids. we spent the week in a tiny one room cabin with one outlet and one lightbulb. the dining hall is loud but the food is good. the kids were dusty all week long and a dip in the pool was equal to a shower. the week was full of good old fashioned fun with tie-dye, lanyards, disco bingo, face painting, swimming, boats on the lake, campfires, sing-alongs and s'mores. i even played in a tennis tournament even though the closest i have been to playing tennis in the past fifteen years is watching wimbeldon on tv! (lindsey, thanks for inviting me to play!)

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DK Designs said...

Beautiful photos of your two children. Lots of memories I'm sure and it's nice that you can share this with them since you went when you were little. :) Very special. :)