Tuesday, March 31

just do it

i am so excited - i got a spot for the nike women's marathon. this is a sold-out event and entrance is by lottery. lucky me! i got a number. now i have to start training!

Friday, March 20

jackson - sneak peek

i had the pleasure of photographing the g. family last weekend in san mateo. little jackson is absolutely adorable! more pictures to come next week!
have a lovely weekend!

Friday, March 13


i know my chances are slim to none but....a girl can dream, right? the hgtv dream house is just an hour away in sonoma. the perfect weekend house! i am keeping my fingers crossed! the winner will be announced on sunday.
if i win, i promise to have fabulous weekend getaways for all of my friends!
have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, March 11


this is what happens when ryan gets her hands on some pens! while we are on the topic of 'art', if you haven't already seen the movie My Kid Could Paint That....go put it on your netflix list because it is excellent!

Monday, March 9

spring forward

i am so excited that spring is around the corner!
this weekend was absolutely beautiful and the time change feels like a gift of extra time!
if you are in earthquake territory, this is a good time to check the batteries on your fire alarms plus check the food in your emergency kit. i know, i know...i am a bit paranoid but i was here for the 1989 earthquake and now that i have kids, i want to be prepared.
the photo is from an empty field up the road from our house. this used to a functioning farm where you could buy fresh produce. they also had an annual great pumpkin patch as well as a christmas tree farm. unfortunately, it looks like someone is going to come in and put up some housing. bummer!

Friday, March 6

mini session

one more mini session from 2008! hooray! i am all caught up on blog posts from 2008 sessions. i must say that it feels really good to have every family up on the blog. thank you to all of my wonderful clients - 2008 was a year full of fabulous families!