Monday, March 9

spring forward

i am so excited that spring is around the corner!
this weekend was absolutely beautiful and the time change feels like a gift of extra time!
if you are in earthquake territory, this is a good time to check the batteries on your fire alarms plus check the food in your emergency kit. i know, i know...i am a bit paranoid but i was here for the 1989 earthquake and now that i have kids, i want to be prepared.
the photo is from an empty field up the road from our house. this used to a functioning farm where you could buy fresh produce. they also had an annual great pumpkin patch as well as a christmas tree farm. unfortunately, it looks like someone is going to come in and put up some housing. bummer!


Kate Harrison said...

That is a such a beautiful spot & photo. It is so nice to see open space like that, isn't it? It's like optical therapy!

MommaWriter said...

So funny. I took that very same photo this year...although from a slightly different angle. I wonder if they'll really build houses there anytime soon with the economy as it is...