Saturday, April 18


i am still in the middle of editing the photos from lisa and michael's engagement session but i wanted to share two more images. this engagement session was so much fun - lisa and michael are so in love and it just shows through in every photograph!
the countdown is on...less than a month to go until their wedding!

Tuesday, April 14

sneak peek

lisa, michael and i met up at the warming hut in sf on an absolutely beautiful day for their engagement session. it was one of those gorgeous days where every resident of the city comes out to play.
more photos coming soon...

Friday, April 10


have a wonderful weekend and i hope you get a chance to put your feet up and relax. happy spring!
(photo by one of the most amazing photographers, thayer allison gowdy)

Wednesday, April 8


here are some more photos from the engagement session with jessica and terry.
we went to rancho san antonio for the photo session and the big, open space was a perfect backdrop for their photos.

Monday, April 6


jessica, terry and i met up for an e-session on saturday. the morning air was a bit chilly but we still managed to get some absolutely beautiful photographs of the two of them. they are such a sweet couple and i am really looking forward to their wedding in september.
i will post more photos later in the is a sneak peek.

Friday, April 3

birthday wishes

today is ryan's 2nd birthday.
i can't believe my little one is two!
every day ryan becomes more of a little girl and less of a baby. she is talking in mini sentences and her personality is blooming.
i knew that having children would be life changing but i had no idea how intense the feelings would be.
i don't feel like i can express the amount of love i have for my two kids.. it is beyond words.

have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, April 1

sneak peek

here are a few more photos of baby jackson.
what a cutie pie!