Tuesday, March 25

evan & kristin

evan and kristin are such a great couple and they were kind enough to hike all over san francisco for some pictures. evan and i became friends while working at the lair of the golden bear while we were in college. we woke up at 7 a.m. every morning, set tables for 300 campers then served 3 meals per day as well as doing the dishes, our sleeping accommodations consisted of a simple wood frame without a roof and sleeping bags up a set of stairs on a loft yet we had the most spectacular time. we even went back for a second round and worked another summer. you just can't beat having 100 college kids living up in the woods for a summer! i am so glad we have stayed friends over the years past college, moving, kids (for me), etc.. then evan got lucky and met kristin. she is very sweet and is a very talented artist. you can see her work at kristingrahn.com. thank you for letting me take your pictures and congratulations on your engagement!

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