Saturday, May 16


this weekend is going to be beautiful around northern california. i am so excited for the warm weather...summer is right around the corner. hooray! summer is my absolute favorite season.
we have been thinking about putting a small playhouse in the backyard for the kids. i have such fond memories of playing in the playhouse that my grandfather built. unfortunately, the old playhouse has been torn down. while searching online for tips for building a playhouse, i have found some amazing examples of playhouse extravagance. how about $38,000? craziness! we are definitely working with a much smaller budget!
have a wonderful weekend.
this weekend marks the beginning of wedding season with lisa and michael's wedding in sf. stay tuned for photos!


Jamie said...

wow, the dark wooden playhouse in the back corner of Laver house? Was that built by your grandfather? I have distinct memories of making potions and concoctions with Dana in that house. Good times. I'm sure the kids will love it!

Lili Durkin said...

Go to the Stanford Mall for playhouse inspiration! They have a bunch on display for an upcoming auction. I have a good feeling they are in the higher price range.... but they are sooooooo cute!

christina said...

That's amazing! I would have been in heaven with that 20 years ago. OK, who am I kidding, I'd still be in heaven with that today. :)