Wednesday, November 12


we headed out of town for a mini-vacation on sunday. the change of scenery was wonderful and it was nice to spend some time away from the computer. we spent one night in calistoga and the vineyards are absolutely stunning right now. i couldn't resist taking a few pictures even though i was supposed to be on vacation. how can you ignore these colors?
one of the highlights of going to calistoga is going in the hot pool at night. going out for a yummy dinner and then soaking in the pool is such a treat. here is a picture of sam after getting out of the pool.
this is my dream driveway which is right outside of st. helena. i have no idea what is at the end of the road but the driveway is enough for me!


Jamie said...

I have such good memories of going to Calistoga with your family. I loved swimming at night in the heated pools too! Soo much fun. And the candy train?! Is that still there? Wow, it's been a long time. Hope you had a good mini vacation.

MommaWriter said...

Ha! Here the rest of us think vacations are something that *require* a camera. I guess when photography is your line of work, the perspective changes a little! It looks like you had a glorious time. I wish our weekend had been anything *close* to that!

loren weltsch said...

i have such fond memories of calistoga as well...we used to go with my grandparents long before calistoga was hip.
the train is still there although the candy store is now on the main drag.