Monday, October 27


halloween is only a few days away and i am so excited! the costumes have yet to be finalized but ryan is going to be a ladybug and sam is either going to be super-sam, spider-man, frankenstein, a fireman or a robot. decisions! decisions! last year we made an adorable oscar-the-grouch costume only to discover that he did not want to wear it on halloween night and decided to break out the old dog costume from the previous year. kids!
this past weekend was so much fun - we attended a super surprise party. it was super because the guest of honor had absolutely no clue! s. planned the party two months in advance of his birthday so he would have no reason to be suspicious. the date happened to coincide with their wedding anniversary so it didn't seem odd to go out for a nice dinner. the look on his face when he saw his family and friends in one spot = priceless! congratulations to s. on a fantastic party and a happy (early) 40th birthday to c.!
[holiday photo season is in full swing. if you are interested in booking a session, please contact me as soon as possible. my calendar is almost full!]
image by matthew mead style.

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