Sunday, October 19


the halloween decorations are up!
halloween is so much fun! let me explain - i enjoy decorating our house, wearing a costume is always fun and a bucket full of candy is a good thing, right? i am not a fan of any scary or creepy stuff - we just have half a dozen huge spiders all over our house but the blood and gore is not my thing.
i have yet to buy any halloween candy because i know it would never last until halloween! maybe i should buy the stuff that i don't like?
have a fantastic week!
[thank you so much to sara from party perfect for posting a few of my photos. if you have not read her blog, you must go right now! she posts the most wonderful ideas and inspiration about parties and entertaining. she is a former art director for martha stewart baby and kids magazine, a graphic designer, illustrator, designer and mom. this girl has style! check out her blog and you will be inspired to throw a party in no time! definitely one of my all time favorite blogs.]

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