Friday, October 3

18 months

today is ryan's birthday. my baby is now a year and a half. it seems like just yesterday when she was a tiny little thing.
how did this happen so quickly?
ryan is an absolute sweetie pie. she is full of energy. spunky. sweet. independent.
ryan, at 18 months:
...calls everyone 'dada'. fearless. i know that this is a great trait yet it isn't so fabulous when she climbs up to the top of the jungle gym.
...loves spending time with her brother.
...talks a whole bunch - even though she is speaking her own language she acts as though you should understand every word.
...smiles all the time.
i love you, ryan. more than you will ever know.

[cupcake display by amy atlas]

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MommaWriter said...

What a cutie! It makes me miss my own eyeglassed one when she was that age. Of course, she's a beautiful little princess now too, but it's never quite the same thing...just more neat things down the road.