Sunday, July 6

7 years

jerry and i celebrated our seven year anniversary this weekend. it is hard to believe that seven years have gone by yet a lot has happened since our wedding including five moves, two children, one new car, many new friends and a ton of good times. life is good.
this was my year to make the anniversary plans and i chose cavallo point. i was intrigued by the location as well as the historical significance of the buildings. let's just say that we were not disappointed.

we started our visit by going to the spa and we each got a massage to start off our kids-free time with a good dose of relaxation.
our room had a stunning view of the golden gate bridge and although i wanted to stay in one of the historic rooms, the view of the bridge was much nicer from the hill with the new rooms. the picture below shows the view from our room - stunning!
the restaurant, murray circle, was another wonderful part of our visit - the food was delicious and the atmosphere is really nice. i wish we had arrived a bit early so we could sit on the rocking chairs on the front deck to enjoy the view with a glass of wine. maybe next time?
we were so lucky to have clear skies on saturday because the fog rolled in at night (i was wondering why they had ear plugs in the room but this became quite clear once the fog came in - warning, you may want to keep them close to the bed!). after walking around the grounds a bit on sunday morning, we headed back to the city. we stopped in our old neighborhood and walked around the fillmore street jazz festival. then we drove over to hayes valley for a little bit of lunch at frjtz fries and some treats at miette. i held back at miette and only bought a few things although if candy were fat free, i would have bought one of everything!
all in all, i would give our anniversary outing a five out of five. thank you to my husband for making it all possible. i appreciate his friendship, support and guidance - i know that he puts up with my craziness and i would not be here (or sane) without him.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh this is adorable and I have no idea how I came across your blog. Was looking at wedding sites, wanted to be out of the city, and found this!!! Thank you for your thoughts, and cannot wait to check it out!