Thursday, July 31


my baby is walking! somehow my little baby girl has started walking and i am very excited about this achievement. i am also a bit scared because now i have two mobile children! this new freedom allows ryan to explore all new spaces in our house and she gets there pretty quickly. for example, i was getting dinner ready the other night and i turned around to find ryan standing on a chair at the table with a fork in hand!
have a wonderful weekend. i am going to be photographing a wedding at villa montalvo tomorrow. yipee!
** friday favorites**
this week is all about weddings. we are right in the middle of wedding season and i love it. i thought i would share a few websites that have caught my eye. enjoy!
once wed is a wonderful resource for new and used wedding gowns. many seem to be dresses that a bride purchased early on in the wedding planning and then changed her mind. sounds a bit nutty to me but i guess it happens. some of the dresses have been worn once.

vintageous has fabulous vintage dresses and it is fun to view all the items on the site. if you are on a budget, this could be a great find. this dress would be sweet for a garden wedding.

i am such a font addict and crystal kluge's work is definitely my style. you can even purchase her fonts! kraft paper is definitely one of my favorites so this invitation caught my eye.

yes, i confess, i am in love with paper lanterns. i can't help it! there is something so cheery about them. rebecca thuss has a website full of inspiration and ideas.

fete is a party planning company based in new york. many of the weddings seem like really big and expensive affairs although this one appeals to me. i like the chalkboard seating chart and paper lanterns.

rosenow floral design has a website full of lovely flower arrangements and you can even browse by color.

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Sara Christine said...

Congrats on your new mobile baby! What a beautiful photo of her little feet. :)

And great wedding finds too. Love that lacey garden wedding dress!