Thursday, July 24


sam and i stopped at this field of sunflowers this morning on the way to his summer camp. this property used to be a pumpkin patch in the fall, a produce stand in the summer and a christmas tree lot in the winter. soon it will become a bunch of condos. the bay area has changed dramatically since i was a little girl. many orchards have turned into houses and it is sad to see another one go. many people fought for this spot but i guess the people who owned it could not afford to keep the land. for now, we will enjoy the sunflowers and the memories of pumpkin patches.
i am always on the lookout for new photo spots and i think i may have found one! this little piece of wilderness was found in the middle of a residential area of palo alto.
i have been taking pictures for the annual chamber of commerce directory for los altos and los altos hills. i asked the mayor of los altos to go into an apricot orchard for a portrait and i don't think she was too pleased.
so in between photographing sunflowers, the mayor of los altos and searching for new photo spots, ryan has been a non-stop energizer bunny. she is learning how to walk and is climbing on everything! our home has become a jungle gym for ryan. the days of leaving her alone in a room are officially over!

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mayraav said...

haha thats so funny cause I took pictures of the sunflowers too!!

well, i thought they got rid of it because the city changed the zoning or something.its too bad.