Thursday, July 17


happy friday!
i feel like a brand new woman because i got my hair cut and colored yesterday. thank you to shannon m. at the james craig salon. she did such a super job...if i may say so myself!
i am looking forward to a fun weekend. tonight some of my friends are coming over for dinner. i might go to the sunset idea house on saturday and we are going to try and go to an outdoor concert on sunday at hidden villa. i just love summer!
i am finishing up a post about lilly and bill's wedding so come back later today for more!
have a fantastic weekend!
**friday favorites**
elizabeth soule has created the most adorable photographs using little animal figurines. i saw her photos on flcker a few months back so i was so thrilled to see her at the renegade fair. i bought the giraffe print (shown below) as well as a few cards with different photos.
sara paloma's vases are absolutely stunning. there is something so elegant and peaceful about her work. unfortunately the vases are out of my budget but it doesn't hurt to look, right? even if i could afford the vases, i would be so paranoid of knocking one over that i would want to super glue them to my fireplace mantle. plus, i do live in earthquake country!
i must confess that i am bit of a paper addict. i love cards, wrapping paper, invitations, envelopes. i was one of those kids that would get super excited about going back to school shopping because i loved all of the pens, paper, notepads, etc. so, i was in heaven at the renegade a kid in a candy store! i picked up a set of these lovely cards from satsuma press. it was a tough decision because she has so many beautiful designs.
the renegade fair was full of super talented jewelry designers. i found a pair that i really liked from orange slice. my every day earrings are small post earrings from my grandmother so it was fun to go out with big hoops!
petit collage creates these beautiful pieces for children. the alphabet poster is so sweet. i love the color combination!
each collage is made with vintage paper on maple plywood. the colors are so cheerful!

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