Thursday, June 26

friday favorites

i hope you are having a fantastic summer. last night we attended a concert at the park around the corner and it was so much fun. there were kids everywhere and it was fantastic!
tomorrow i will be in aptos for lilly and bill's wedding. i have a feeling their wedding is going to be a lot of fun. plus, this will be my first time shooting a wedding at sand rock farm.
this cutie pie is my cousin's little girl, sarah. sarah flew up from southern california with her mom to attend the shower last weekend.

friday favorites
remember doing spin art when you were a kid? what do you think about adding a big one to your wall? i think it is so festive! (found on the ruby press blog)

i would love to have one of these! i can't seem to give up the old fashioned address book! the idea of putting everything in a blackberry or iphone makes me too nervous. there is something magical about getting a new address book and sharpening a new pencil! this one can be found at lovely design.

timeless treasures is an amazing store in san francisco. i stopped by a few weeks ago and i fell in love instantly. they have so many fun and unique items for your home. joan, the owner, finds really great pieces from around the world and she has a great collection of letters. i picked up an 's' for sam as well as an 'r' for ryan. you must go to this store if you are in the neighborhood!

remember the distinct sound from an old phone? what is the best word to describe the sound of the dial going back after dialing an 8, 9, or 0? remember when we didn't have area codes? am i dating myself? wouldn't this be a fun to have around? i am afraid my children will grow up thinking that phones have always been mobile. this was found on three potato four. check out the site when you can because they are always adding fun items.

a new boutique is open in los gatos which sells organic baby items. i haven't had a chance to go to babycoo but it sounds like heaven. our toys, clothing, and food is full of unwanted chemicals and it is scary to think about the future for our children if we don't clean up our act. buying organic is a good way to start. plus, i love supporting small business and it feels so much better to support the businesses that are choosing their products carefully.

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