Thursday, June 19

friday favorites

the end of the week is here...hooray! plus, it feels like summer with the warm weather. love it! love it! love it! my sister and i are hosting a shower on sunday for my cousin and her beautiful new baby. we are going to be cooking up a storm tomorrow. i promise to share pictures next week.
have a fantastic weekend!
friday favorites in my former life (before photography and kids), i worked in the advertising biz. the ad world is still fascinating to me and i love keeping tabs on new ads and designs. these ads were found on a lovely blog that i read daily, black eiffel. wouldn't it be fun to see these out in the neighborhood? if i had an unlimited budget i would definitely like to hire miles redd to decorate my house. i love how his style is elegant yet livable.

la petite chaise is a wonderful vintage store in mountain view. they are only open once a month because they spend the rest of the month shopping for items for the store. as much as i like pottery barn and crate and barrel, i love the idea of giving new life to old furniture.

i am really looking forward to the renegade fair. plus, my friend paula is coming with me and she has such a good eye! this is going to be a fun field trip!

look at this! method has a line of baby products! sign me up!

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