Friday, June 6

friday favorites

happy friday! i am so excited about this weekend because the weather is going to be lovely and i get to photograph a wedding in sausalito and mill valley on sunday. stay tuned for pictures later in the week...
i am officially starting a new tradition for friday....i am going to share a few of my favorite items. enjoy!
friday favorites
these necklaces are from nervous system. i have a small addiction to necklaces and i really don't need any more, but..but...i really like them.

you don't even have to put a cake on these cake stands - i would want them out all the time! these were created by whitney smith and can be found at etsy. i am telling you - etsy is the place to go!

yet another fabulous etsy find. this lovely print is from sarah jane. she has the sweetest prints and i would love to put a few in ryan's room or give one as a gift at a baby shower.

mrs. meyers baby blossom laundry detergent smells so sweet and clean. i love the fact that all of their products are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

mahar drygoods has the most fabulous stuff for children. toys to inspire the imagination....not the kind of toys with a bunch of buttons and really annoying sounds and blinking lights. wouldn't these be fabulous for a party...for any age?!

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