Friday, June 13

friday favorites

friday! yipee! to all the daddies out there - happy father's day!
here are five new favorite things. enjoy.

i love this! you can send artwork from your child to this company and they will create a beautiful one of a kind piece of art!

purl carries a hand picked collection of materials, tools, notions and accessories for knitting, sewing and quilting. their blog, the purl bee, makes me drool. now i just need to learn how to sew, knit and quilt!

michael sowa is an artist from germany and i have been a fan for years. he has been described as a cross between magritte and the far side. you can find more of his work at

i saw this beautiful store last weekend while shooting a wedding in mill valley. i have a feeling i would want a whole bunch of things so it is probably best for my credit card that i didn't get a chance to go in! i love the idea of an 'urban farmhouse'. even the name sounds appealing! next time i am in mill valley, maison reve is going to be top on my list!

can i get one now?

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