Monday, February 2

i did it!

i finished a half marathon!
we got so lucky because the weather was absolutely gorgeous in san francisco. the course went through golden gate park and then along the beach and it was sunny and warm.
my mom, brother, husband and kids met me at the end which was wonderful.
team in training did a great job and it was so nice to hear 'go team' along the whole course. they really do an amazing job. all the donations from friends and family will go towards cancer research with the hope of finding a cure. no one deserves to go through the things my brother has to deal with. although my brother is amazingly strong, i know the chemo and radiation have not been easy. as i was going along the course and my legs began to hurt, i thought of my brother and knew that i could not stop.
so, i think i might sign up for another race....the next one might be a full marathon!
i will keep you posted on that!


Dana said...

congrats again!!!! i wish i could have been there!!!!! muuuuah

Ping said...

Congratulations, Loren! :)