Wednesday, February 25

fabulous venue

a few months ago, i had the absolute pleasure of photographing a lovely new venue that has just opened up for 2009 weddings. the ranch is located in the santa cruz mountains and the venue comes with a wonderful coordinator and catering company. there is such a great feeling to the space and i was so excited to go out and take some photos that could be used for their website.
the venue is being kept under wraps as it is a private home so you have to go through the coordinator to get the address. if you are still looking for a venue, definitely put this place on your list!


Grace said...

I'd love to know the name of the coordinator... I'm semi-shopping for Santa Cruz venues.

loren weltsch said...

Marky is the owner of Vignette Events which represents the ranch. I highly recommend giving Marky a call - she is a lovely person. Plus, the ranch is a special place. Good luck!