Monday, September 29


jose villa and gene higa hosted a one-day workshop in san francisco last week and i got to go!
jose and gene are amazing - each one has such a distinct business and shooting style. while jose shoots film, gene shoots digital. jose's photography is soft with pastel-like colors, gene's images are dynamic and vibrant. their personalities are so different as well! it was quite amazing to hear each one speak about how they started their business and how things have evolved and changed as the business grew.
the morning was spent talking about photography and the wedding industry and then we went out for a photo shoot with two models in the afternoon. the group split in half and took turns watching gene and jose interact with the models. then, we had a few minutes to shoot on our own. shooting in san francisco was a lot of fun and the models were so great! i also enjoyed speaking with other photographers.
a big thank you to gene and jose for being such open books about their businesses.
thank you to maria chang for doing an amazing job with hair and make-up for the models. mandy scott provided the bouquets and amy kuschel provided the dresses. here are a few of my favorite images of caroline.


Jamie said...

These rock my socks. I love the softness to them. Beautiful.

jennifer said...

the workshop was great! love your images and the light in the first one is cool.

Jose said...

loren, these images are awesome! I love the light,... Hey see you on the photo for the people later on today.