Monday, September 15


i was a guest at a lovely wedding this weekend and it was such a treat to be a guest (= no camera!). the ceremony was performed by a friend who became a 'deputy commissioner of marriages in san mateo county' for one day and he did a spectacular job. dan and shannon added so many personal touches that made every aspect of their wedding truly unique and fun! enjoy your honeymoon in portugal!
happy birthday to tacey and katie! wishing both of you a super fun birthday as well as a happy and healthy year.
on another happy note, my super smart sister is doing very well on her first exams at medical school. go dana! i am so incredibly proud of you!

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Dana said...

the blog is looking wonderful!!!!! thanks for the shout out! when are you going to come take pictures of all the weeping willows and cicadas out here?! miss you always!!! -pooh bear