Friday, September 19


wouldn't you know that the box was more appealing than the gift?
the kids had so much fun playing in the large cardboard boxes while the brand new kitchen set sat quietly in ryan's room. the boxes became rocket ships, boats, airplanes, a tunnel and a house. so much fun! ah, the possibilities of a cardboard box!
have a wonderful weekend!
**friday favorites**
this week is all about my love for etsy.
i have quite an assortment of goodies that are all from etsy. the site can be a bit overwhelming but here are a few of my favorites. enjoy!
fall down tree has the sweetest illustrations. this truck print would be perfect for sam's room.
red ruby rose creates beautiful purses. my grandmother used to have a purse for every outfit. these adorable purses remind me of my grandmother.
bugga bugs will send full size pattern pieces as well as instructions on how to make each. this would be such a great addition to ryan's new kitchen set. there is only one small problem, i can't sew!
how about a beautiful pair of earrings from abigail percy? her designs are beautiful.
or, a beautiful necklace from the eninaj shop?

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