Sunday, February 3


i know we are spoiled out here in california so i shouldn't complain .....but, i am cold! i don't like being cold. this is a picture from my honeymoon. my husband planned the whole thing - i told him i wanted to go somewhere warm, somewhere small and private, and a hammock would be nice. he found the most amazing place. petit st. vincent is out of this world. the trip there was a bit nutty with a flight to toronto (really out of the way but we were using miles) then another flight to barbados, one more airplane flight to union island and then a boat ride to the private island of petit st. vincent. so, back to my original thought about being cold...wouldn't it be nice to be sitting on this beach with a nice tropical drink in hand? i am going to try to visualize this when i hop in to bed with flannel sheets and flannel pj's.

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