Tuesday, February 19

family history

i am slowly collecting photographs, family trees and stories for a family history project. the old photographs are really fascinating. here are just a few of the many photos that i have gathered so far. my maternal grandmother - helen beatrice kroner
this was taken for the wedding of helen kroner (same as above) and morris fireman. they got married at the fairmont hotel in san francisco in 1937.
the little girl in this photograph is my paternal grandmother, ruth tichauer, with her parents. did you notice that both of my grandmothers had big bows in their hair? one grandmother was living in california while the other was in germany. i guess big bows were in fashion - at least for portraits.


MommaWriter said...

What beautiful, classic photos you've collected! I have a feeling you're going to do something beautiful and fascinating with them as well. I probably have the photos, but lack the artistic sense. I'm looking forward to hearing more about it!s

And the latest photos of the kids are just gorgeous too. I'd love to be a good enough photographer to do my kids justice in pictures!


Jamie Lawler said...

How awesome that you have these pictures and in such a pristine condition! It's amazing to me how much your dad looks like your great grandfather (or atleast the memories I have of him). Your kids are so lucky to have such beautiful and thorough documentation of their lives to keep and pass along as well.

Stephanie Di Leo said...

Beautiful photos, both old and new. Looking forward to more on the blog.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures! They certainly will inspire you to take more photographs. Are they really in this good of condition or did you have to do something to do them to make them look so amazing? Laurie

loren weltsch said...

i did have to do a bit of photoshop magic to the old photographs but fortunately they are in decent shape.