Friday, February 15


we had a lazy day at home today. sam did not have school and ryan has the bug that is going around the family. sam asked for pancakes at 10 a.m. and how could i turn him down? just look at that face! i highly recommend trader joe's pancake mix. add water and an egg and you are good to go! are you impressed with my stack o' pancakes? ryan has new glasses. this time, we were able to order a different style. maybe i should get in to the baby glasses market because the selection is really pathetic - there was one style of frame and that was it! the frame style is based on the size of the your child's head. that just doesn't make sense. what if they measured our heads and told us which glasses we could buy? i love the new frames and the tongue sticking out just adds a little extra charm! have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

loren-- great blog. kids are adorable. don't think i've seen them before. look forward to having you take pics of us again this year.


Alison Sokoloff said...

Sasha has also had to get glasses this year at age 4 - you might want to try Eyes on Main St. in Los Altos. Also there is a store called Il Bambini in Burlingame. Al they sell are glasses for kids - very cute styles.

loren weltsch said...

alison - thanks for the recommendations. we have been very pleased with dr. kim cooper in burlingame.