Wednesday, December 17

8 miles

**team in training update**
i have decided to stick around town and do the san francisco 1/2 marathon instead of going out to new orleans. as much as i would love to visit my sister (a med. student at tulane), the first week of february is not a great week for dana to have a visitor. so, i will do the 1/2 marathon here and then go out to new orleans when she is not in the middle of midterms!
saturday was the first long distance training and i managed to walk and run for 8 miles without a problem! hooray!
fundraising is going well. i have to admit that i was nervous about asking people for money but it hasn't been so hard. i truly feel that i am asking for a whole bunch of people - for anyone who has had cancer as well as anyone who has lost someone they love to cancer.
go team!

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