Thursday, August 27

first days

yesterday was the first day of school for ryan. i was torn between wanting to hold on tight to my baby and knowing that it was time to let her go in to the real world. there is no question that she is ready for school yet this is the end of an era. my little one is now in school!
while sam is slowly getting used to a new school for kindergarten, ryan didn't need more than a hug and a kiss good-bye. she just walked right in to the classroom and was ready to begin a new chapter of her life.
i know they are both in good hands and i can leave them with confidence. i wish we lived in a world where teachers salaries matched the magnitude of their responsibilities. thank you so much to the teachers. thank you to mrs. c. for being patient and understanding as my slow-to-warm child warms up to a new school. thank you to ryan's teachers for taking care of my little one as she begins her journey through pre-school.
off they go!
happy back-to-school season!

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