Friday, June 5


happy friday everyone!
i just got the film negatives back from lisa and michael's wedding. this is always a moment of nervous excitement as there is no 'immediate feedback' part of shooting with film. i am so pleased by the images and here is one that caught my eye on the first round. the church was quite dark so hooray for high speed film and a steady hand!
more to come soon...
have a wonderful weekend! i hope you are able to relax a bit. i am starting off the team in training season on saturday. yes, i signed up again although this time i am going to be a mentor and i am doing a full (*gulp*) marathon. i am absolutely thrilled that my brother will be on the team as an honoree. he is doing so well and i am so happy that he will be by my side.
another exciting weekend plan is a visit to the alameda flea market with my super talented/decorator extraordinaire friend, paula. i am so excited!

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