Thursday, August 7


we are heading off on a family vacation tomorrow. i am super excited to breathe in some fresh mountain air. the week will be full of dripping ice-cream cones, sunscreen, swimming, skipping rocks, card games, bbq, s'mores, friends and family.
no phones, television or internet...just fresh air!
(photo from condé nast store)
(if you do need to get in touch, i will have cell phone reception but please be patient as i may not have it on at all times.)
have a wonderful weekend!
**friday favorites**
this week is all about summer vacation since we are heading out of town tomorrow. condé nast store has vintage magazine covers dating back to the beginning of each of their publications. this house & garden magazine cover is from august 1949.
who can resist a super sweet and sticky candy apple? this painting was found on hidden in france.
plastica has these adorable little containers and something about them reminds me of an old thermos.
rainbow candy cups from room service home would be a fun party favor although i wonder how fast they would get all sticky and messy?
i am okay with seeing a bear as long as it is far away! we are heading into bear territory especially since we will be close to the lair of the golden bear(a summer camp run by uc berkeley) know, the cal bears. seriously, there are bears around but they tend to mind their own business and stay away from humans.
this print is from hidenseek and can be found at her etsy store.

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