Friday, May 2


ryan had eye surgery today. the glasses were not doing their job anymore and our only option was surgery.
the doctor said that everything went as planned and we were able to take her home two hours after the surgery. now both of my children have had surgery and i hope this is the last of it. it really is harder on the parents. ryan had no clue what was happening and she was out for the whole procedure while i got to be the worry wart. let's just say that i am absolutely relieved to be on this side of the experience. thank you dr. were amazing.
(just a little extra thought about dr. cooper - she actually called us last night to check in and see if we had any questions before coming to the hospital. isn't that amazing? a simple phone call made all the difference! her call made me feel like we weren't just another procedure.)
have a great weekend!

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MommaWriter said...

I hope everything's going well post-surgery. I'm *so* glad you ended up going to Dr. Cooper. She really is fabulous, isn't she? We'll be seeing her again tomorrow...