Thursday, April 17


are you addicted to blogs yet? i have a small obsession with blogs. i started out with a small list that i followed with bloglines but the number has grown and grown. there is so much inspiration out there - from photographers to wedding ideas and home decor. the nice thing about bloglines is that you go to one place and all blogs that have been updated are right there for you. google reader is another service which works the same way.
here are some of my favorite reads:
the image is found - i attended a workshop hosted by nate and jaclyn in december and they were soooo amazing and completely inspiring.
jesh de rex - he created the textures that i use. beautiful photography!
heather waraksa - her photography is very crisp and clean. i think her photography is very elegant.
jessica claire - she just shook up the whole photography world by combining her website and blog into one. her work is very colorful.
jeremy lawson - this guy is amazing...not your traditional wedding photographer!
{other places of inspiration}
style me pretty - the ultimate wedding blog - everything you ever wanted to know about the latest and greatest wedding stuff.
design sponge - all things design including product reviews, home design, before and after photos, etc.
mstetson design - home design inspiration
so, go out there and have fun! just promise me you will come back and visit once in a while! are you hooked on any amazing blogs? please, pass them along!


Jamie said...

How funny. I have every single one of those in my bloglines already! I knew you had good taste. ; )

stetson said...

Loren, thank you so much! I am honored. I am so glad to have come across your site and your amazing photography... that will be an MStetson post in no time!